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Volley Road Trip with Racquet Studios and Top Deck Travel

21 Dec 2016

This Summer, Volley took to the roads with Racquet Studio and Top Deck on a six day trip of Australia's East Coast.

Others to onboard the bus included internationally renowned photographers: Bob Sala, Sam Lebib, Kal Reston & Rupert Laycock.

In addition, a team of acclaimed models, stylists, HMUA's and assistants all combined powers to produce some powerful imagery.

Just try and tell us these don't scream "POWER TO WOMEN'!


Photographer: Bob Sala, Sam Lebib, Rupert Laycock.

Model: Jasmine Smith, Chelsea Cunningham, Marie Straus, Maral Uysal.

Stylist: Izi Angus.

HMUA: Madeleine Goldsmith.