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  • How do I get in contact with Volley?

    You can contact us by sending an enquiry through our Contact Us page or call us directly on 1800 147 194 and speak to our friendly Customer Service Team.

  • Where can I buy Volley?

    Take a look at our Store Locator page. Otherwise you can call us on 1800 147 194 and one of our Customer Service Team Members can direct you to your local stockist.

  • When will my child start walking?

    According to a study by the World Health Organisation, the average age at which infants start walking with assistance is 9.2 months, standing alone at 11 months, and taking two to three steps on their own around 12 months.

    However, it’s important to remember that every child makes these transitions when they’re ready – and your child will do so in their own time too. That’s why we advise a likely age range of between about 10 to 18 months as a guide.

    The most important thing is not to force a child to walk before he/she is ready. Relax and enjoy their development, and they will take these wonderful first steps when the time is right – for them.

  • When should my child be fitted with their first pair of shoes?

    Your toddler will not need shoes until they are walking unaided. Generally speaking this will occur at approximately 4 weeks after your toddler has started taking their first steps. This first pair will likely be a very soft pre-walking shoe providing the right protection for your toddler. At this stage some support and a lot of protection from hard and soft surfaces is important.

  • What happens when First Shoes are fitted in store?

    One of our Volley Fit Consultants will conduct a simple and relaxed 5-step process to ensure a perfect fit at this important time:

    • Step 1: They will precisely measure your child's feet. (Never get stuck on a child's shoe size because it will vary from style to style and brand to brand.)
    • Step 2: Your Volley Fitting Specialist will then advise you regarding the styles that are most appropriate for your child’s feet, and help you make a decision with your child’s foot health and budget in mind.
    • Step 3: Next, your Volley Fitting Specialist will carefully guide your child’s toes into the selected shoes and fasten them securely and appropriately. This is the first time your child has had shoes on their feet and a very special moment (bring your camera).
    • Step 4: Your little one will then show off their new-found skill and stand to allow your Volley Fitting Specialist to feel around each shoe and check for perfect fit across the toe, instep, ankle and heel.
    • Step 5: Your Volley Fitting Specialist will then watch your child walk to ensure there is no slippage in the shoe and your child’s feet are well supported and comfortable.
    A professional First Fitting process can take 20 - 30 minutes. We recommend visiting a Volley store during school hours when it tends to be quieter.

  • Why are width fittings so important?

    Less than 30% of children have 'average' width feet. So a wide choice of width fittings is critical to assist in achieving a comfortable fit and the healthy development of all young growing feet.

  • How often should I have my child’s feet checked?

    Children up to the age of 3 years old should be checked every three months. From 3 years onwards, a 6 monthly check is sufficient. Children's feet will continue to grow until their mid-late teens.

  • Why did my child measure differently between stores?

    Fitting is an art as well as a skill. It requires several years experience and training to become a Volley Fitting Specialist. At Volley we pride ourselves on having the highest fitting standards and the best fitting team in the business.

  • My child appears to have a walking/foot problem. What should I do?

    In the first instance consult your doctor. If necessary your doctor will refer you to either an Orthopaedic Surgeon or Podiatrist. If you are not happy with your doctor's advice get a second opinion.

  • Should my child be the same size across both feet?

    Many children have one foot bigger than the other. Generally the difference is slight and does not require two pairs of shoes. A Volley Fit Consultant will assess the required shoe size based on the larger foot.

  • When is a proper fit no longer critical to my child?

    Even when your child's foot looks more like an adult's, it is still growing and vulnerable. Children's feet stop growing at approximately mid-late teens. Until then, the correct shape and fitting is as critical as it was when they took their first steps. If you have any further questions regarding fitting or kids foot health, feel free to ask our Fit Consultants in store.

  • How do I know the correct size for my child?

    The best fit will always come from visiting one of our Volley stores where a Volley Fit Consultant will fit your child’s feet. However, if that is not possible, then the next best way is to use our custom Measure & Fit Tool that you can download now. It will guide you with instructions to assess the best size for your child.

  • How do I know which pair is the right size?

    There are several different shoe-size systems used worldwide. Since we stock shoes from around the world, the sizing within our range reflects their region of origin. At Volley we stock ranges with Australian and UK (AU/UK), American (US) and European (EU) sizing. We have taken a few steps to help you determine the correct shoe size for your child at home:

    • We have included the shoe-size system in the product description of every shoe, e.g. This shoe is in AU/UK sizing.
    • If you know your child’s shoe size in a particular format, use our Conversion Table to find the equivalent size in AU/UK, EU or US sizing. This table can also be found on our Measure & Fit At Homepage or by pressing the ‘size guide’ button that can be found underneath every product description.
    • If you have used our Measure & Fit Tool, then once you plug your measurements into our Shoe Size Calculator the size result will be shown in AU/UK, US and EU sizes.
    • If you need any help measuring your child’s feet please Contact Us directly.

  • What does the 0 in front of the number of some your sizes mean?

    We have placed a ‘0’ in front of the junior sizes to differentiate between the junior and senior versions of the AU/UK and US shoe-size systems. This helps avoid mix-ups and errors when ordering. For example, a toddler size 5 will be displayed as ‘05’ and a senior size 5 simply as ‘5’.

  • How do I know my child’s Age category when searching for shoes?

    We have divided our shoes into 4 different Age categories to help you filter through the search results when shopping online:

    • Prewalkers. These shoes range from AU size 02 - 05 and are specifically designed to assist and support children as they learn to walk.
    • Toddlers. These shoes range from AU size 04 – 09 and are designed for children aged approximately 1 – 3 years old.
    • Junior. These shoes range from AU size 010 – 2 and are designed for children aged approximately 4 – 9 years old.
    • Senior. These shoes range from AU size 3+ and are designed for children aged approximately 9 years old upwards.

  • Can I use store-bought gift vouchers when buying online?

    At present, we cannot accept store-bought gift vouchers online. We will notify all customers that have opted in to our enewsletter should this situation change in future.

  • Will I receive a Frequent Buyers Bonus Card with my online purchases and can I redeem my free 7th pair online?

    You will receive an FBB card for every full price pair of shoes purchased online, however it will be posted to your mailing address separate to your shoes. Once you receive 6 x FBB cards please contact us for information on how to redeem your FREE pair.

  • What is your loyalty program?

    Our Frequently Buyers Program is simple:

    • Every time you purchase a full price pair of shoes from Volley, you receive one of our Frequent Buyers Bonus Cards (FBB Card) which displays the value of the shoes.
    • Once you have collected 6 cards, you can redeem your cards for your 7th pair of shoes FREE to the average value of your 6 pairs.
    • It’s important to note that cards are not provided when a shoe is purchased as part of a promotion. Each FBB card is valid for 2 years. Lost or stolen FBB cards cannot be replaced.
  • Will I receive a Frequent Buyers Bonus Card with my online purchases?

    Yes, your FBB card will be sent to the address you provided in your Account. Please note that your FBB cards will arrive separately to your shoe delivery.

  • How do I redeem my free pair of shoes in store?

    Simply take your 6 x FBB cards to your nearest Volley store. At the checkout, show your cards to your sales assistant who will calculate the average value of your 6 pairs, and deduct that from the full price value of your "free” pair. If your average value is equal to, or more than, the price of your "free” pair, you will receive the pair entirely for free.

  • How do I redeem my free pair of shoes online?

    Once you have collected your 6 x FBB cards, you will need a special discount code to redeem your free pair online. Please contact us for more information and for instructions on how to send us your FBB cards in exchange for your discount code.

  • How should I clean my footwear?

    In general we recommend the following guidelines (If you have specific questions please email us).

    • Cleaning - On a regular basis, brush away any surface dirt with a soft brush. After extended, rugged use, wash with mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse all soap off as it is hydrophilic.
    • Drying - Open footwear fully, remove the insole and laces and dry at room temperature. Never expose to heat!
    • Conditioning - Recommended treatment depends on construction and materials of the footwear (most treatments do alter colour and appearance).
  • How can I work for Volley?

    Thank you for your interest in Volley. As a Brand Collective business, Volley is always looking for qualified individuals. To find out more about career opportunities, please visit the Careers section of the Brand Collective website where you will be able to view all Brand Collective job postings.

  • Is the colour I see on the website the actual colour of the shoe?

  • How to care for your Volley?

    We know you want your favourite shoes to last for a long period of time so here’s some tips for taking care of them. Our Shoe care range, available at Volley retail outlets will keep your shoes in the best condition.

    • We suggest using our Rain and Stain repellent to protect your leather, Suede and Nubuck from dirt and moisture.
    • Use our Cleaner and Conditioner to prolong the life of smooth, oiled leather.
    • To clean the footbeds spray with our Sandal and Shoe Refresher.
    • If your suede or nubuck shoes need restoring, our Suede and Nubuck Block and Brush Kit will do the trick.
    • Our Tough Spot Remover can be used if you accidently get ink on your shoes.
    • Our Oiled Leather Sponge or Cream Polish will bring the shine on your shoes up to its very best.

    Storing your shoes:
    Shoes are literally made to be worn, storing your shoes for an extended amount of time can result in a condition known as hydrolysis. Factors beyond our control, such as humidity, temperature & moisture can cause polyurethane soles to break down. This is not a condition that is exclusive to Volley it affects a wide range of shoe brands. If you do choose to store them please do so in a cool, dry place. Don’t keep your shoes tucked away, pop them on and enjoy unbeatable comfort.

  • Where is my order?

    If you have made your purchase as a registered member, you can track your orders' progress via a link to Australia Post or Toll on the My Account page.

  • How much does shipping cost and how long does it take for my order to arrive?

    We offer FREE standard delivery on all orders over 59.95, orders below this value are charged at a flat rate of $9.95. We offer FREE returns and will accept returns for change of mind or size within 28 days from date of purchase. Standard shipping will take 3 to 10 working days from receipt of your order using Australia Post or Toll.

  • Can I order online and collect from a retailer that sells Volley?

    No, when shopping online at https://www.volley.com.au/, all items are shipped direct from our warehouse.

  • Why is there a delay between the dispatch email and delivery?

    We send a dispatch email when the parcel leaves us. Depending on the shipping service you've chosen, your parcel will then spend a certain amount of time in transit before being delivered to you.

  • Can I send an order to another address?

    Yes, you can send your order to another address other than your registered address, which is useful if you're sending gifts.

  • Can I change or cancel my order?

    Unfortunately, once your order has been placed we are unable to cancel or change your order. However, once you have received your goods you can return them. Please see our Returns Policy

    for more details.
  • What is the returns, exchange and refunds policy?

    We currently don't provide exchanges of styles/sizes, you can however submit a return and re-order a replacement product. You can request a return within 28 days of your order by contacting our customer service team on 1800 147 194 and quoting name/email address or your order number (provided in your email receipt).

  • Can I return my purchase in a retail store?

    No, if goods are purchased from https://www.volley.com.au/, you need to follow our online returns process.
    Volley goods purchased from retail stores need to be returned to the store from which those goods were purchased.

  • How can I return faulty products?

    Volley takes extreme care in ensuring our goods are of the highest quality. However, if for any reason you find a defect or fault with one of our products we would like to help you resolve the problem.

    If you have purchased your Volley product from a Retailer, you need to return to Retailer from which you purchased your shoes from. If you have purchased online at https://www.volley.com.au/, please view our Refunds and Returns page.

  • What are my options when I return an item bought from https://www.volley.com.au/?

    Volley will gladly accept returns for all faulty items. We will accept all change of mind items within 28 days of purchase provided those items are accompanied with proof of purchase (which may include the invoice, credit card or other payment statement), unworn and in original packaging. Whether your item was faulty or you've just changed your mind, Volley provides three returns options:

    • 1. For exchanges of size or colour - We will offer you a refund or we can provide an exchange.
    • 2. For returns due to a complete change of mind - We will offer you a refund.
    • 3. If your product is or becomes faulty - The goods will be assessed by the Customer Service team and if deemed faulty we will offer you a refund of the purchase price, a store credit or replacement if the product is still available.
  • How long will it take to get a refund?

    Once your goods have been received by Volley, please allow up to 10 working days for your refund to be processed back to your account.

  • What will happen if I return an item purchased with my Gift Card?

    If any product purchased with a Gift Card is returned for an exchange or refund, any money refunded will be automatically credited to the original Gift Card.

  • Who gets refunded if I return a gift?

    The refund will be credited to the original card or account used to purchase the gift.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept payment via MasterCard, Visa, Store Credit. We also accept payments made via your PayPal account.

  • How secure is my credit card and personal information?

    We are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and providing a safe and secure online experience. We have taken measures to ensure that your credit card and personal details are kept safe at all times.

  • Do prices include GST?

    Yes - all prices are displayed in Australian Dollars, including GST. The included GST value is displayed on your order confirmation.

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